More About Practically Loving Your Husband

Hello World.

It’s me. I’m here.

What a whirlwind of a Summer. My life, I mean really. Lots of exciting things. And of course there is always some gloom thrown in there too. And tans.  And tears. And baby sitters needed please!

Moving on.

On my way to Church yesterday I was daydreaming. I had a revelation that I wanted to write about. One reason because my thoughts are more clear to me when I write them out and two, I have found that most of the time I am not the only person with these thoughts and that most people usually enjoy when I write about such things.

Okay, picture this. <Yes, I’m asking you to daydream with me for a minute…>

You are out somewhere and one of your girlfriends walk up to you. Well doesn’t she look cute and stylish?!

“Awe! I love your shoes, are they new?” 

(We all notice when our friends have new clothes, don’t we?)

“Yes, they are, I got them last week! I just had to have them.”

 “Well isn’t that nice. New shoes. I need new shoes.”

You shoot a look over towards your husband and say “Wish I could afford new shoes”. Then you look back at your friend and continue on your normal conversation.

And there it is.

Did you see it? Did you see what I did there? I just blamed my Husband for not having a nice new pair of shoes. That look, and comment, just said everything.

{I don’t have new shoes like my friend here because YOU wont let me get them. YOU don’t make enough money so I can’t look cute like my good looking friend here. YOU are not a good enough provider for our Family therefore I have to suffer.}

Ouch. That hurt a little bit when I thought about it. Is that really what is in my heart when I have a response like that? Yes, I believe so.

I know my situation may be a little different from yours. Together, we made a choice that I would be a Stay-at-Home Mother and with that obviously comes sacrifices (like shoes) but I know I still do this. I know I sometimes unintentionally put the burden on my Husband to not only provide for our needs, but ALL of my wants. And blame him when it doesn’t happen.

When I am not satisfied and I am being ungrateful (or blaming him for what I “don’t” have), I am telling him he is not doing a good enough job. 

That is so far from the truth. He is amazing. He works so hard for us. I may not get new shoes every season, or year, but I am clothed and we do take vacations and I  get to go on a date every once in a while and I pretty much get Chipotle every time I want it.   

I’m sorry Ry-Ry for being ungrateful. I’m sorry for not trusting God with my needs and wants and putting all of the burden and responsibility on you.

So, before you give him “that look”  or make a “certain comment” when your BFF buys a nice new house or your neighbor pulls up in that shiny new car… just think about what you might really be saying to your Husband, and don’t say it.




(Disclaimer- I am not judging anyone else here, I am just sharing my personal feelings. I also know that it is NOT wrong to desire new shoes or a new outfit, or anything you may be desiring. I am just commenting on my response to my Husband in situations such as the one I have experienced.)


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One response to “More About Practically Loving Your Husband

  1. Christina Chu

    love this so much. 🙂 thanks for posting and sharing your daydream and heart. i do this also so often in my life and don’t always get to see my sinful heart in not trusting my husband and ultimately not trusting in God. miss you friend

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