About ME

This is me. My name is Janet. That is my husband. His name is Ryan.

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7108882952 (2)

Together we have two precious little children. They are blessings. And crazy.

I enjoy singing (though I am very untrained), crafting (though I am not that good), baking (to which I am terrible) and cooking (it is different from baking). Sometimes I do occasionally succeed in these areas and when I do, I like to blog about it.

For some weird reason I do enjoy researching and sharing family events with others. I have found these things to be so helpful in my y day-to-day life that I want everyone to benefit. Check out my Events Page to get more info.

I love Jesus and I am continually trying to grow in prayer and patience. I hope to share the faith and trust I have in Him with those around me. I am not afraid to share my struggles and blessings and I will also often blog about those.

I want the air of my home to be filled with Joy and laughter… it’s a constant struggle when you have two little goblins running around destroying the place.

         My goal for this blog is to:

  • Satisfy my need to talk to other Human Beings by talking to the computer (since I am a Stay at Home Mom).
  • Share my stories and passions with strangers who might find them interesting, amusing and motivating.
  • Document my experiences for my Child(ren) to read when they get older (Baby books are so out dated).
  • Be transparent and relate to those who share the same struggles and interests as I.

Why not?

Thanks for visiting! I hope you leave chuckleing, encouraged and connected.

And, I hope you don’t think I am crazy.


4 responses to “About ME

  1. Lindsay Drumheller

    You are so wonderful! I love reading your blog. I didn’t know you had this. I just think you are an amazing person and I am so happy to have you in my life! I love you!

  2. Mrs. Becky (lol)

    I do love you but….what is the issue with brownies?? That is just odd. And if you don’t feel like ‘bloggin’, I will always be here to listen to you.

  3. Amber Thomas

    I wanted to tell you that your blog is soo cute and I love to read it! It keeps me updated on your life!

    I also wanted to say CONGRATS on your new little bundle of joy!

    Love you always!!!


    • Hi! I also started a Janet’s Planet 1 (to distinguish it from the science teaching blog). I was looking for it when I saw you on the google list. I am not Christian; I am Jewish and live in Israel. You write very sweetly and I wish you many blessing on your wonderful family! I have 8 kids, the youngest is now 21. Yeah, I’m 60, a real grandma! Maybe that’s why I’m having so much trouble finding my own blog without my husband holding my hand! Anyway, take heart: they really DO eat all day and you really DO need a nap but probably will have to wait another decade of two before you get it. If you are so sure he’s about to pee maybe you should run after him with a potty instead of a diaper. Some kids prefer that to getting diapers changed, especially if he’s already running around pants-free. and especially if he’s as smart as he sounds; he’s probably already noticed that the big folks use a toilet.
      May God give you strength and bless your important work.

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