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The Drums

I know some of you think we are crazy for getting a musical instrument for our preschooler. A very loud musical instrument. He would have had them last year if Mr. Price didn’t put his foot down. Thankfully he came around this year and agreed to let me get a drum kit for our boy.

Abram “plays the drums” on everything and talks about wanting to play the big drums when he gets older so naturally I wanted to help cultivate the musical side of my son, even if it meant a few disturbances here and there…

Today, Abram was up in his room practicing his drums to his favorite song. He had the song on repeat and played it over and over, each time I could here him picking up a different rhythm or trying to figure out how to play a combination he was hearing. This made me start to cry.

Why did I cry? Like, Literally cry?  I started to cry because I prayed for this.

While I was pregnant with both of my children, I prayed very specific things for them. Some things were physical, some prayers included interests and personality traits. I prayed that both of my children would be musical. I prayed that Lucy would particularly be gifted in singing and Abram instrumentally. Now I am not sure about Lucy (It’s not lookin’ good) but I can say that I definitely can see a love for instruments in Abram. He’s four, he is definitely not good yet, but I can see his passion da diligence to learn.

I always cry when I see my prayers answered in my children. It reminds me that God hears our prayers, even the really little ones deep down in our heart that we don’t think is so important. God listens, he hears, he answers. Now, he doesn’t always answer the way we would hope, or as soon as we would hope, but he does answer. [I am still waiting for my Whitney Houston voice and Ryan is still waiting to turn into a Monkey for a day (true story).]

Our children could have turned out any way He wanted them to, but that fact that God took my hearts desires into consideration, I am grateful. And thankful. And I feel loved and cared for because I know that someone is always listening and always there, even when I feel alone. Sure, I really hoped that my prayers would be answered, and I would have been fine if they weren’t, but this one prayer was, and, I use a lot of commas. <wink>

So anyway, today while he was up in his room doin his thing, I tried to sneak a few pictures and videos because I thought it was so sweet. Apparently I am not that stealthy because he caught me right away.


PS. Everyone has rooms that look like this, right?

PPS. When can I stop buying Goodnights?!




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End of Summer Blues


(Raise your hand if you are team Kohr Brothers)

Where did the summer go? It’s gone but I honestly can’t remember what I did with half of it! Too fast. I’m sad.

I may be in the minority here when I say that I am really sad to send my kids back to school. I love having them home with me so much, even though they are often the cause of most of my emotional issues.

I could keep crying. This won’t happen every year, right? I thought I’d be good after Kindergarten.

Also, Lucy’s new first grade teacher is “big on Homework”. Ugh! I have NEVER been good with homework. I’m nervous. I am sorry Lucy if you fail first grade because your Mom stinks at doing Homework. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have I mentioned that my daughter is boy crazy? Well, she is. She is totally into love and “romance”… I can’t change it, it is who she is. I definitely try not to encourage it, but I can’t stop it either. So, can you imagine her delight when she found out her “boyfriend” was going to be in her class this year. Please note that this “boyfriend” does not know that he is her “boyfriend”. If you could have seen her face when she saw him walk into her classroom at Back to School Night this evening… oh my goodness… I just can’t. Think, high school boy crush face… rosy cheeks and all. What in the world am I going to do when she is 16?!

I am going to miss you Lu. I hope that you rock first grade like you rocked Kindergarten. You are amazingly bright and spunky and I love you so much. Be the light God created you to be!

Abram turned FOUR this weekend. I can’t believe he is four, he is my baby. Four doesn’t seem as old as it did with my first. Isn’t that weird? With Lucy I thought four was so old and I had all of these unreasonable expectations for her as a four year old. Now with Abram I’m all like “I guess you should start wiping your own butt” and I still want to carry him around even though he’s way too heavy and he crushes my lungs.

I am hoping that with this new year he will develop a little more self-control and anger coping skills. I also hope he learns to wipe his own butt and learn his ABC’s because he’s supposed to go to Kindergarten next year and to him, there are still only eight letters in the alphabet.

I love Abram so much. He is by far the most difficult child I have EVER met yet he is also at the same time the most loving child I have ever met. He loves his Mamma and tells me I am beautiful all of the time.He’s so affectionate and complimentary. Thank goodness because with all the stress he causes I need a reason to like him. Joking-ish.

Abram is passionate. Whether he is happy or sad or angry, he I passionate about it. Raising a strong willed passionate child is NOT easy, however I am very excited to see where such passion will take him as a young man. I prayed for Abram when I was pregnant, that the Lord would make him a strong leader, well… I guess I should have thought about that a little harder when I prayed that. I am thankful for the Lord’s answered prayer but OH MAN… I should have thought that one through…

You probably will not care about this but for my own records… Abram’s favorites are pizza, mac & cheese and cereal. The only vegetable I can get him to eat is cucumber and sometimes he will take a bite of a carrot. He is a picky eater and is very particular about how things are cut (symmetrically) and having proper utensils. Actually, he is very particular about everything which leads me to wonder if he has a mild case of OCD, or if this is just an interesting faze? I guess time will tell. Another specific example of this as I will want to remember in the future is how his socks have to be perfectly square to his toes, his blankets have to be positioned in a specific order and his shoes have to be tied juuuust right while the laces can’t touch the ground.

Abram’s favorite bedtime song is still Twinkle Twinkle. Abram always volunteers to be the one to pray before dinner. His favorite books are Pizza Pat, The Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster, Goodnight Already, Look and Find books and any book from the Library with Super Heroes.

Abram’s favorite things are weapons (all kinds), Ninja Turtles, watching movies, T-Ball and Soccer, playing with Daddy in “the jumpy house” we keep in our basement, swimming and snuggling with Mommy. And his big Sister Lucy whom he loves and admires, and picks on constantly. When Abram grows up he wants to be a Police Man.


Ugh. Guess I’ll try to go to bed now. I don’t want to…

One more day until school…









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Holy Bad Day


Today, has been a hard day.

Think, “if I wasn’t in a public place right now someone would be really hurt” kind of a day. Fo realz.

Half serious.

Thank goodness I was in public.

It has been some time since I have had one of these. My blood pressure is still boiling. I can understand how some Mom’s turn into secret alcoholics. I am not saying that I would, but it is days like today that I can understand how some women get there. Phew.

Three is one of my favorite ages, but also at the same time one of the HARDEST ages. In my opinion.  How is it possible that someone can be SO, so sweet and loving and funny and then the next minute turn into [Linda Blair and Hulk had a baby]?!

It’s nap time now. Part of me wants to fall asleep to rejuvenate for the second half of the day, part of me wants to stay awake and do ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING so that I can have real quiet time and a small (small) part of me wants to do some chores so that it looks like I was productive today when important people come home. Hopefully they come home by themselves because if they bring a friend I will have to have done more chores. Decisions, decisions. ZZZZZZZZZZ…….

Thanks for letting me vent.

And, a word of truth to all of those sharing in my bad day…

1 Thessalonians 5:18: “ give thanks in all circumstances…”

All circumstances? Really? Ok. Well, thank you Lord that I did not kill my Son in anger. Thank you that I have a son and that I am blessed enough to have a bad day because of my blessed children. Thank you that this situation has caused me to come to you when I may not have if I was having an easy day. Thank you for nap time. Thank you promising to carry me through bad days (psalm 50:15, 1peter5:7, nahum1:7…). It would have been better for me if I wasn’t having a bad day, if I am being honest, but for some reason you want to teach me something through this, so… forgive me for my anger, forgive me for being tempted to turn to a glass of wine for comfort (and chocolate), forgive me for not being more patient with my children, help me to have patience, to have wisdom and, well, help me to be overflowing with every single fruit of the spirit. Amen.









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Potty Training Success

This is not a “How To” on Successfully Potty Training Your Child.

Honestly, I am quite surprised that we are all potty trained over here. Well, of course WE are potty trained… you know what I mean.

As I have mentioned before in previous posts, Abram is not the easiest Child. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and his cranky, independent, aggressive self. But, nothing except sleep training, has been easy with him. So when the time came to start potty training (which I had been putting off for a while), I was ready for battle. This is the truth. I waited to start potty training him until I felt that I could handle the exhaustion of the struggle associated with potty training him. He was ready, I was not.

It took Abram two days, TWO DAYS to be fully potty trained. WHAT?! Who are you?! Believe me, I was thanking the high Heavens for this miraculous mystery.  I let him pick out his own undies and a potty that sings when you pee and that is all he needed. Once he put on his boxer shorts for the first time (which are literally the cutest things ever) he never wanted a diaper again. W even had to fight at nighttime to put on a diaper.

In the past two months he has probably had a hand full of accidents. He still wears a diaper at night because he cant hold it that long but other than that, he’s golden (I plan to switch to pull-ups but Ryan had just bought a giant box of diapers the week before we started training).

Of course, there have been a few funny incidents. Ryan almost immediately was trying to teach him to pee standing up which I didn’t want because I knew that was going to be too much work for me. Well, of course once Ryan did that Abram would never sit down to pee again. He actually has a pretty good shot so it hasn’t been too rough with the mess. One of the first two days while we were in a crowded bathroom at Church, I was trying to get Abram to sit down and pee before the service started. He started demanding “No, like Daddy does, like  Daddy does”! I figured out that he meant he wanted to pee like Daddy does. So I let him do it. He did such a great job I yelled “Good Job Bud! You did it! You did it just like Daddy!”. Then I realized where I was and that everyone could hear me. Ha-Ha. Oops.

Of course we have had the random pull your pants down in Grandmom’s backyard and just start peeing incident. One time we had to pee outside because we were at an event and he says ” Wook Mom, I’m watering flowers!”.  Another funny thing is that he calls pee “poop” instead so he says “gotto poop!” all of the time and it is funny. Lastly, he refuses to wear “tighty whiteys” and hates wearing pants or shorts over his underwear. He is getting used to it now but that has been the extent of our struggles. He wants to wear underwear everywhere.


I am so proud of him and so thankful I didn’t have to use all of that energy I was preparing to use. Ha


If you were hoping for advice, the only advice I can suggest that worked for my two is to go straight to underwear and don’t go back. Pull-ups feel similar to diapers so sometimes they get confused. Lucy never pee’d in her undies but would go in the pull-ups and even her training underwear (the thicker padded ones). Rewards help too, especially for getting them to poop on the potty because they don’t like it at first. Other than that ask someone else because I had two easy kids when it came to potty training.




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I’m Two and Kind of Terrible

Abram (2)

Hello. I’m Abram. Aren’t I cute? Yeah, I know. I know how to work it.

Do you like my shirt? I prefer to wear clothes that only have balls on them. My Mom tries to get me to wear other types of clothing (you know, like stripes or shirts with words- yuck!) but I give her a fit until she finds something I like.

You know what else I like to do? Eat. I love to eat. I am always “hungey”. My Mom tries to get me to eat healthy stuff but I refuse to eat until she finally gives me cereal. It would have been a whole lot easier on her if she had just given me what I wanted in the first place!

My Mom, I love that lady. In fact, I love her so much that when other kids (like my Sister) try to play with her or sit on her lap, I push them off or yell and cry until there is room for me. I know she is great and all but she is all MINE! Well, except when she tries to put clothes on me… then I run from her.

Oh man. This is the funniest thing. I just figured out how to shoot snot out of my nose. My Mom HATES it when I do that. If I really want to make her mad, after she like, makes me put on my seat belt or tells me “no”, I just snot everywhere. It’s awesome.

I hate the Dr. My Mom tried to take me there to get a check-up (why do I need a check-up? I’m Fine!). OH NO! I was not having it! I know what they do there. They like, take my temperature and like, make me stand on this thing that tell my Mom how much food I’ve been eating. Don’t worry, I figured out how to get out of there right quick. I basically just scream and cry and yell and shake and kick and yell until everyone leaves me alone. I thought it was a good idea but my Mom was NOT happy! She told Dad that he had to take me to the Dr. from now on. I guess I should have thought that one through.

The girls in my house can’t understand why I like to beat things up so much. I mean, who doesn’t like a good fight? Why would God make me so strong if I wasn’t allowed to hit anyone? They don’t get it.

Also, I met this girl. She’s pretty cool I guess. Her name is Anna. She likes to build Snowmen and ride bikes around the hallway. That is so cool. Mom doesn’t let me see her that much even though I ask her everyday. That’s okay. I have a recording of her singing that I get to listen to in the car when I “do a good job”… whatever that means. She’s my favorite.

You know what else is my favorite? Fish! I just turned two and my Mom and Dad took me to the big place that has all of the fish. You know, where Nemo lives! I love it there! They have BIG SHARKS!  And Nemo! Please Mom… I want to “SEE FISH”!

I better go now. My Sister wants me to go jump on the bed with her. I might go chase the dog. Oooo, maybe I will go sneak some goldfish. Or sneak my binky out of my bed. Or poop. Who knows, I can do whatever I want! I run this joint!

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Abram is Turning 2!


My little boy is turning two! I can’t believe it.

I am writing this a week early because we will be on vacation next week and I would rather write earlier than later. You know, in case some people have forgotten and need to go out and buy him presents.

Just kidding. <wink>

You Mr. Price, are a HANDFUL! You are super energetic and aggressive. You are strong-willed and  independent. At the same time, you are SO cuddly and loving. You smile ALL THE TIME (unless you are throwing a tantrum or hitting your Sister).  You love your Mommy. You don’t like to not be near me, or on me, or by me, or for me to eat my own food without you sharing it…

You absolutely love balls. All kinds of balls. You literally can not walk past a ball without yelling “BALL!” and running up to it. You respond to dogs the exact same way but that is a little more dangerous.


Currently your favorite “foods” include Mac & Cheese, squeezable apple sauce, pizza (you freaking love pizza), donuts (chocolate glazed is your number one), lollipops and ice cream (I dare not touch your ice cream). I wish I could be more proud of your food choices but hey, who can blame you?!


You absolutely DO NOT like Ketchup. I think this is so weird but you don’t and you’re fine with that.

Your favorite songs are B-I-B-L-E, Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink and Do You Want to Build a Snowman which you call “Anna”.

Your favorite books are The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything which you call “Pirate”, Horns to Toes and In Between and Moo, Baa, La, La, La!

You don’t really watch TV or Movies yet but the two that you have interest in are Frozen (which is your favorite fave and you will actually sit through the whole thing) and Jake and The Neverland Pirates.


Abram. I love you. You are definitely a challenge but you are also a tremendous joy. I love how much you love your Sister and how you just love to be with her. I love it that you are constantly saying “hi” to strangers everywhere we go. I wish you would keep your shoes on. Thank you for reminding me to pray everyday at lunch. Thank you for all of the hugs and kisses that I didn’t have to ask for! I love your dimples, your curly hair and watching all of the things I prayed for you come true.

Happy Birthday Buddy, hoping this next year is more exciting than the last.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*This year included your first trip to the Zoo, first time fishing, first trip to Hammerman Park, first time swimming by yourself in a pool, first amusement park ride, first ice cream cone, first trip to the movies, first time at the Dentist (unsuccessful), first Orioles Game and first time on an air plane.

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Do we always like our kids?

photoI was talking with a friend of mine who is having a hard time parenting her 18 month old son. She says to me: “I feel like such a bad Mom; I do not always like my Son. He is very difficult to deal with and is always yelling and screaming. When I get on Facebook, everyone loves being a Mother and loves having children- I just do not feel that way”.

Well, she is not alone, is she ladies? I know that I am not out of line in saying that this is a VERY common feeling! I have been there these past few weeks myself. Parenting is HARD! Being a Mom is hard. No doubt about it. Sure, there are seasons of parenting that are easier than others, but as a whole, this is the hardest job in town.

I know it is super easy to get caught up in the “I am a terrible Mom” mindset. Especially when we are comparing ourselves to the “Highlight Reel” of “Super Mom’s” on Facebook and Instagram. Be assured, there is no such thing. Often times, the pictures I post on social media are the only joyful moments of the day! The rest of the time when I am not posting pictures, I am cleaning  dried up food off of the walls and disciplining a little boy who can’t seem to grasp the idea that hitting his Sister with a bat is a bad thing.

To the Mom who is chasing after aggressive and energetic boys, or arguing with a strong-willed daughter, or a Mom who has a new baby who won’t stop crying and never sleeps… You are normal. This is normal. We are in this together. We WILL get through it! We will. It gets better.

Take a deep breath. It will all be okay. It will. We will.

I love my kids. Do I always like my kids? Sometimes, no. But I do want to be the best Mother I can be and love these little gremlins even when I feel they are not worthy of being loved for the moment.

Are you with me?

We are Mom’s! We have the greatest most important job in the world. It is not always easy. We are never going to be perfect. BUT, it is SO worth it.

We can’t do it alone so go call someone. Pray. Go on a date. Drop that kid off at Grandma’s!  Take a nap. Put on a darn movie (Do it I won’t think any less of you).


And that, is my trying to encourage the weary Mom. Do you feel encouraged? <wink>



“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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