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You Are My Sunshine

My Sister-in-law Melanie (Mel as we call her) was pregnant with a little girl (I’m so late with these things). Her name is Charlotte.

Melanie’s Husband Josh calls Mel “Sunshine” so when it was time to plan a baby shower for little Charlotte, we knew just what to do. Again, most of the decorations were hand-made (except for the clouds which we got from Etsy for $2!!) and the cake was done by our fabulous Aunt Linda.

I think everything turned out quite bright, don’t you? <wink>

2014 NEW PHONE 053

2014 NEW PHONE 0522014 NEW PHONE 049 2014 NEW PHONE 044 2014 NEW PHONE 042


The favor making team:

2014 NEW PHONE 037 2014 NEW PHONE 039

M&M’s and marshmallows were supposed to look like clouds and suns. Eh, it was tasty and festive anyway.


And, this is Baby Charlotte…

char char

So, so sweet.




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Little Man

I wish I had more pictures to share from this Baby Shower but I have somehow lost them (along with my mind).

A few months ago, we had a “Little Man” Baby Shower for my Sister-in-law. This shower theme is pretty trendy right now so it was super easy to gather up ideas and put this little shin-dig together. Most of the decorations were hand-made (such as the mustache and tie garland on bottom right) or purchased from oriental trading (nice and cheap). Complete with chevron paper lanterns and chevron table cloths, this baby shower was super cute and perfect for baby boy and Mommy-to-be.

2014 NEW PHONE 088 2014 NEW PHONE 094

2014 NEW PHONE 092 2014 NEW PHONE 096

And, this is Baby Parker!


Ain’t he cute?!!


* Special thanks to Aunt Linda for the AMAZING cake.

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Recycled Christmas Cards

I keep our Christmas Cards for a long time. Ryan hates it. He tries to throw them away right after Christmas, I can’t do that. Most of you know how much Christmas cards cost, especially the photo cards! I think it is about mid February that I actually take them down. And after they are down, I still wont throw them away.

Aren’t you glad that your money was not wasted on me?!

There are so many cool things you can do with old Christmas cards. My favorite, and probably the easiest is to use them to make new cards. We just cut out all of the greetings and the pictures and glue them onto new cards. Voila! A creative new Christmas Card for your liking!

We actually used this idea in my Sunday School class this past Sunday. We gave the students a few options of things to write on the inside and let them run with the decorating. I think they turned out really cool.

Here are just a few examples of the cards we made…





Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!


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Fall Craft: Wine Cork Trees

This is the BEST time of year for crafts. I love doing Fall crafts (and Christmas crafts coming up here soon). There are so many things in nature that you can use and be inspired by when trying to get all crafty.

What is the first thing we all notice and love about Autumn (besides the beautiful weather)? The Trees!

I save all of my wine corks because I would really like to do something creative with them. I have yet to do anything so I thought I would spare a few for this Pinterest inspired craft. Lucy loved it. It was so easy!


  • Paper/ Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Wine Corks


  • Using brown construction paper, cut out something that looks similar to a tree trunk (not hard to do if you aren’t artistic).
  • Glue your “tree” to another piece of paper.
  • Get Stampin’! Dip your corks into the paint and go crazy.

Here is how ours turned out:

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DIY Monogram Picture Frame

Isn’t it lovely? It was SOO easy!! You know me, it might look easy but if it has more than 5 instructions I am probably not going to try it. Mostly because I hate cleaning up after a “good” craft project. I clean up after a two-year old all day, I don’t want to clean up after myself too.

I made this as a gift for my soon to be Sister-In-Law’s engagement party. It took about 45 minutes and it cost just about $10.00. I got the frame from Ross and the pack of buttons from JoAnn’s. I have seen this made with costume jewelry before which looks pretty cool but I don’t have any, so I went with buttons.


5×7 Picture Frame

1 Pc of Scrapbooking Paper (I used Card Stock to add texture)

Buttons (size and qty matter based on size of letter, use your best judgement)

Hot Glue Gun

2 Hot Glue Sticks


Glue Stick



Draw or print out a letter in the size and style you desire.

Cut out the letter and paste onto your scrapbook paper.

Measure the Scrapbook paper to fit your picture frame and cut it out. Make sure letter is centered.

Randomly glue buttons to your letter. *I glued a few on to start and then I arranged a few before gluing them down to keep the colors somewhat even.

(It is okay and encouraged to layer your buttons. Make sure you cover all visible lines from the letter pasted below.)

Remove glass and place finished project into the picture frame.

Using your tweezers, remove any visible strings or globs of hot glue.

The End.

Sounds super easy right? It is! Try it! I think they make very unique and personal gifts for any occasion. You could just make one for your own home. Can someone make one for me? He-He.



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design dilemma

We are in the planning process of moving Lucy out of the Nursery and into her very own “Big Girl Room”.

I have a few ideas about what I want to do but my main concern is that the room will be able to grow with her without having to make a lot of drastic changes.


Here is the room that she will be moving into:















It is pretty much a blank canvas.  We have gotten new carpet since this picture was taken but everything else is the same.

What are those weird hanger looking things for?

The Plan

All we know right now is that we will be painting all of the trim and doors white. I want to install lights in both of the closets because there aren’t any and you can’t see in them at night.

The light in the ceiling is recessed which makes the lighting in the room pretty dim. We will have table lamps but maybe only one or two so I would like to put either a little chandelier or some king of larger light fixture.

Her bed will be on the right side of the window against the wall (unless the bed doesn’t fit or it looks better somewhere else… but that is where I imagine it to go).

The Dilemma

Paint color. For the longest time I was really set on painting the room a shade of yellow. Yellow is bright and cheery- girly but not too girly and somewhat neutral.

I really  really LOVE the color I painted the nursery.

This is not really a great picture but you get the idea. Can you believe I do not have a picture of the nursery? Maybe I do but it took me 1 hour to find this one so I don’t feel like continuing the search.

It is a turquoise color- a little brighter than pictured . I am obsessed with it. I was trying to convince Ryan to take that room when Lucy moves out but none of our stuff will match.

I know that I COULD paint Lucy’s new room the same color but do I really want to do that? I just do not know what to do.



How Can you Help?

What do you think I should do? Do you have any completely different suggestions? Ideas?

I’m really open to any change of plans but I feel stuck between my two original plans because that is just where my mind has been.

Here are a few ideas I have been brainstorming in terms of style:






Pottery Barn Kids 












Barrette Holder in Baby Lola modern kids decor
*I actually had one of these made for her from a local artist in a light purple fabric with small pink and yellow designs.

Ok, Well, thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it!


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Last Minute Christmas Collage

I had an opening on one of my walls. It really needed something. Something Christmas-y.

What do I do? For I did not have anything on hand, nor the money to buy a Christmas brand…

(Rhyming… it’s a Christmas thing. Everyone should always Rhyme during Christmas.)

Actually,  I did have some scraps on hand. So Lucy, Mary and I pulled our scraps, junk and creativity together and made this Christmas collage. Here is a brief “How-to” incase you want to make one. It was really easy, and cheap.


First, I went looking for an unused frame. I knew I had a couple… I just had to find one that would work.

Next, we pulled out all of our holiday craft paper, wrapping paper, Christmas bags and the like. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to draw or paint anything so I was hoping I would find a scene large enough on one of the things we pulled together to put inside of the frame. I didn’t (darn it).

Light bulb.

Why not put together a collage using all of the pictures we liked?! It would be so easy and unique and colorful. It would bring together all of the things about Christmas we love and enjoy.











So we started cutting out details and arranging them on the frame.





Then I thought that I would like to incorporate a poem or scripture to remind me what this Holiday is really about. Which really was a good idea because the frame was going to go about our really nice and expensive Nativity (just kidding, it is Fisher Price). Way to pull them both together Janet. Thank you.











So after a few snips and tucks we used our gluesticks and scrapbooking tape to secure all of the elements of our collage. And here you have it. The final product.















Don’t ya just love homemade?!
Tip Junkie handmade projects

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Playroom Wall Decal

My next favorite thing about out new playroom is the wall decal. Wall decals are not original these days but I really like them. In our case, it adds a touch of color to an otherwise rather ordinary and awkward space.

The area where we put the decal is a bit awkward for any normal type of art work. It is part of the wall that separates our TV room and the playroom. Because it is a higher traffic area I didn’t want to put framed art because I felt like it would get knocked around a lot but it is a really plain space and felt that something should be put there. When I found this piece of art I immediately knew it would be  perfect.










What a perfect pop of color right?

Right now the door underneath is just storage but one day I hope to make it a little hide-a-way space for Lucy. I would like to paint it to look like the inside of a tree complete with squirrels and owls.

Who knows when that will happen.

You can get wall decals almost anywhere these days. Just google it.

You can also make your very own customized decal. Check out this tutorial.

I’ve also seen it done with liquid laundry starch. Soak whatever fabric you want (pre-cut into the shape or design you want), stick it to the wall and smooth it out. Voila. It will  also easily peel off without ruining your walls (so I’ve read).

It would have been nice to have been super crafty and done it one of these two ways but I got this decal for free. Why not take the easy road? lol





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I’m not the only one… am I?

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Free Thanksgiving Printable!

Yesterday at our “Playschool Preschool” (a.k.a. Homeschool Preschool Co-op) we had our Thanksgiving party. We read books, did a turkey dance, made a craft and had a delicious Thanksgiving Feast!

As our craft we colored and assembled a turkey and wrote the things we were thankful for on each of the turkey’s feathers. As you can imagine, asking little children what they are thankful for is pretty amusing. Apparently the only thing Lucy is thankful for this year is her cousin Mae. I had to help her remember the other things I knew she was thankful for so that her poor little turkey had more than one feather.


Here is the link to the craft we did. It’s free! I love this website. They have lots of great activities for children… all free!!

Remember the Thanksgiving Tree we did last year?  I never did post the finish project but we will be doing it again next week and hopefully I’ll remember this time.

What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving?!

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