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You Are My Sunshine

My Sister-in-law Melanie (Mel as we call her) was pregnant with a little girl (I’m so late with these things). Her name is Charlotte.

Melanie’s Husband Josh calls Mel “Sunshine” so when it was time to plan a baby shower for little Charlotte, we knew just what to do. Again, most of the decorations were hand-made (except for the clouds which we got from Etsy for $2!!) and the cake was done by our fabulous Aunt Linda.

I think everything turned out quite bright, don’t you? <wink>

2014 NEW PHONE 053

2014 NEW PHONE 0522014 NEW PHONE 049 2014 NEW PHONE 044 2014 NEW PHONE 042


The favor making team:

2014 NEW PHONE 037 2014 NEW PHONE 039

M&M’s and marshmallows were supposed to look like clouds and suns. Eh, it was tasty and festive anyway.


And, this is Baby Charlotte…

char char

So, so sweet.




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Little Man

I wish I had more pictures to share from this Baby Shower but I have somehow lost them (along with my mind).

A few months ago, we had a “Little Man” Baby Shower for my Sister-in-law. This shower theme is pretty trendy right now so it was super easy to gather up ideas and put this little shin-dig together. Most of the decorations were hand-made (such as the mustache and tie garland on bottom right) or purchased from oriental trading (nice and cheap). Complete with chevron paper lanterns and chevron table cloths, this baby shower was super cute and perfect for baby boy and Mommy-to-be.

2014 NEW PHONE 088 2014 NEW PHONE 094

2014 NEW PHONE 092 2014 NEW PHONE 096

And, this is Baby Parker!


Ain’t he cute?!!


* Special thanks to Aunt Linda for the AMAZING cake.

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Jason & Leslie- May Wedding

Ceremony: Haebler Memorial Chapel at Goucher College

Reception: Towson Golf and Country Club

Three things that I really liked about Jason and Leslie’s wedding:

1. The smell of the fresh flowers that filled the chapel. The walkway was lined with hanging mason jars filled with fresh flowers. There were fresh flowers at the end of each pew and on the stage. The entire space smelled just beautiful. You could smell them the whole walk into the chapel and throughout the entire ceremony. I liked the way it looked (very colorful and elegant) but I really loved the way it smelled- really smelled like spring. What a lovely touch!

2. Instead of the traditional “Guest Book”, Jason and Leslie had all of their engagement photos bound into a hardback book and asked all of the guests to write messages in it. I really thought that was a unique idea because what do you really do with a guest book? What do you do with all of your engagement pictures? Nothing really. I had never seen anyone do this and I thought it was really practical, really pretty and fun to look through. 

3. If you knew Jason at all you would know that he doesn’t really seem like the gentle affectionate type. What I really enjoyed seeing at their wedding was that though Leslie was on the dance floor by herself most of the wedding, every slow song Jason would run up and dance with his Bride. I thought that was a very sweet gesture and really allowed everyone to see how much he truly loves his woman and would be willing to do anything for her, including slow dance. Infront of other people. Everyone is watching.

Of course their whole wedding was beautiful (beautiful day, beautiful subjects) but those were the three things that stood out to me the most (their wedding was more than a year ago so clearly these are the things that stood out- lol). I wish I had more pictures but I don’t and I couldn’t find any related on the internet to steal from her. I have no clue who her photographer was so whoever you are, sorry about the lacking photo credit. <wink>

A little FYI- Jason and Leslie are expecting their first child sometime this week!! Congratulations guys!!

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Weddings! So Many Weddings!

I have decided that I am going to incorporate a “Wedding” section on my blog because I have been going to so many lately and I just want to tell people about them!



I am going to only write my three of my favorite things about each wedding. I have narrowed it down to three things because I think that is a fair number. I don’t want to say seven wonderful things about one wedding and only come up with two for another, it just wouldn’t be right and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Here is a tip: Things that make a wedding stand out in my mind is decor, good music, something personal and something unique.  


I  can not write what I did not like about a wedding. Weddings are so personal and important to all who are involved. Not to mention expensive…

  1. I don’t think the Bride and Groom would appreciate it.
  2.  I am not a professional Wedding Blogger so I don’t really have the right to write about things like that. If I was a professional I am sure they would understand I was just doing my job but that is not the case.

So, to keep all of my friends and future wedding invitations coming, I am not going to touch on that topic.


I am very observant and really appreciate all of the work that goes into planning and preparing for such a special day so I know I am really going to have fun with this (that is why I blog, because I like to talk to people about random things but I can’t so I write about them- it’s fun for me). Hopefully you will enjoy my experiences and if you are planning an upcomming wedding or event, maybe you will get some ideas of your own!

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