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The Drums

I know some of you think we are crazy for getting a musical instrument for our preschooler. A very loud musical instrument. He would have had them last year if Mr. Price didn’t put his foot down. Thankfully he came around this year and agreed to let me get a drum kit for our boy.

Abram “plays the drums” on everything and talks about wanting to play the big drums when he gets older so naturally I wanted to help cultivate the musical side of my son, even if it meant a few disturbances here and there…

Today, Abram was up in his room practicing his drums to his favorite song. He had the song on repeat and played it over and over, each time I could here him picking up a different rhythm or trying to figure out how to play a combination he was hearing. This made me start to cry.

Why did I cry? Like, Literally cry?  I started to cry because I prayed for this.

While I was pregnant with both of my children, I prayed very specific things for them. Some things were physical, some prayers included interests and personality traits. I prayed that both of my children would be musical. I prayed that Lucy would particularly be gifted in singing and Abram instrumentally. Now I am not sure about Lucy (It’s not lookin’ good) but I can say that I definitely can see a love for instruments in Abram. He’s four, he is definitely not good yet, but I can see his passion da diligence to learn.

I always cry when I see my prayers answered in my children. It reminds me that God hears our prayers, even the really little ones deep down in our heart that we don’t think is so important. God listens, he hears, he answers. Now, he doesn’t always answer the way we would hope, or as soon as we would hope, but he does answer. [I am still waiting for my Whitney Houston voice and Ryan is still waiting to turn into a Monkey for a day (true story).]

Our children could have turned out any way He wanted them to, but that fact that God took my hearts desires into consideration, I am grateful. And thankful. And I feel loved and cared for because I know that someone is always listening and always there, even when I feel alone. Sure, I really hoped that my prayers would be answered, and I would have been fine if they weren’t, but this one prayer was, and, I use a lot of commas. <wink>

So anyway, today while he was up in his room doin his thing, I tried to sneak a few pictures and videos because I thought it was so sweet. Apparently I am not that stealthy because he caught me right away.


PS. Everyone has rooms that look like this, right?

PPS. When can I stop buying Goodnights?!




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Abram: 9 Months

9 mo

My Son,

Oh how I love your chubby little cheeks full of dimples. You are the cutest little thing ever. Well, you are not so little, but you are cute. I mean, you are little because you are a baby, but you are kind of big. Whatever. You know what I mean.

What can I say. Let me start with this… you were the easiest infant ever. Then, you grew up and now you are all boy. We should have named you Hoover or Dyson or Oreck because you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. You put things in your mouth that I didn’t even knew existed. We could have also named you Godzilla since you crawl over, under, around and through everything. You also pull up and climb onto everything. You are a natural boy at heart… I hear they do these types of things. You sure do keep me on my toes, but I love it. It keeps my mind off of eating. =)

Some of your favorite things include taking wagon rides, eating, sleeping, your little musical table thing that you can pull up on and push buttons, the dog bone which is really disgusting, seeing your Dad when he gets home from work, Lucy, balls and successfully getting into the bathroom trashcan.

You also are clapping, signing “more” at the dinner table and growling. I would also like to reveal that you are quite the ladies man. Some of your favorite “ladies” these days include your soon-to-be Aunt Jaclyn, Ms. Ashley and Your Mama (naturally). By favorite I mean, you easily will reach for them, snuggle on them and allow them to rock you to sleep. Such behavior is not natural as I have mentioned before, you are quite the busy boy.

You FINALLY got yourself some teeth. It only took 8 1/2 months. Don’t worry- that hasn’t stopped you from devouring every kind of food I put on your plate. Once you started eating solid foods, your true independent personality made its appearance. For three months, you would not allow anyone to hand feed you without screaming and throwing a fit. Needless to say you went straight to solid foods with no problem. So far, your favorite things to eat include meat (any kind), pancakes and broccoli.

You absolutely LOVE your sister. Watching the two of you play together makes my heart melt. When she is around she is the only person you want to be with. She loves you. She makes you laugh. You are the only person she likes to share with and if she and I go out by ourselves, she always wishes you were there with us. You are one lucky boy. I only pray that the relationship between the two of you stays this strong forever.

Thank you for being an amazing sleeper. Minus when you are teething and the week you kept flipping over in your sleep and woke up screaming in anger every two hours. I don’t know what all of that was about but let’s try not to do that again.

You are starting to give kisses. They are super slobbery but they are super sweet and I will take a slobbery open-mouthed kiss from you any day of the week.

I love you with all of my heart. I can’t wait to see what little surprises you have in store for us these coming months. Crazy kid.

<muAh. muAh. hug. butt pinch. kiss. squeeze.>


abe n lu 9 mo



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Don’t Spit On Me

This is Lucy holding her brother for the first time.

Some of it is kind of hard to hear but it is sweet nonetheless.


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