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Thoughts For Parents & Teachers

I am reading a book that has been very encouraging to me. I am not posting the Title publically in order to stay neutral with my friends who have different views, but when I came across this excerpt, I had to share.

As a side note, I am not thinking of any people in particular. I am sharing this from the viewpoint of a very new Substitute Teacher, Classroom Mom and Parent.

I am not judging you nor am I trying  make you feel personally responsible for your child’s behavior. Believe me, my children are NOT perfect and I am not a perfect parent. I just thought this was very interesting and helped me to see a bigger picture and a different perspective.

I will say though, I am in favor of discipline.


I didn’t feel like typing three pages so I took a picture…




Anywho… I hope you also found this thought provoking.

If you really want to know what I am reading, send me a PM and I’ll tell ya.

Happy First Week everyone!



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Second Generation Problem

This morning when my daughter climbed into bed with me she seemed troubled. Before I could say something and ask what was bothering her she said:

“Mom, a girl stuck her tongue out at me two times last night at the party.”

“She did? Why did she do that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you say something to her or accidentally bump into her?”

“No, I was just staring at her.”

“Ooooh. Yeah. That explains it. People don’t like it when you do that.”


I have written a post before about mybad” habit. Looks like some things are genetic.





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Do we always like our kids?

photoI was talking with a friend of mine who is having a hard time parenting her 18 month old son. She says to me: “I feel like such a bad Mom; I do not always like my Son. He is very difficult to deal with and is always yelling and screaming. When I get on Facebook, everyone loves being a Mother and loves having children- I just do not feel that way”.

Well, she is not alone, is she ladies? I know that I am not out of line in saying that this is a VERY common feeling! I have been there these past few weeks myself. Parenting is HARD! Being a Mom is hard. No doubt about it. Sure, there are seasons of parenting that are easier than others, but as a whole, this is the hardest job in town.

I know it is super easy to get caught up in the “I am a terrible Mom” mindset. Especially when we are comparing ourselves to the “Highlight Reel” of “Super Mom’s” on Facebook and Instagram. Be assured, there is no such thing. Often times, the pictures I post on social media are the only joyful moments of the day! The rest of the time when I am not posting pictures, I am cleaning  dried up food off of the walls and disciplining a little boy who can’t seem to grasp the idea that hitting his Sister with a bat is a bad thing.

To the Mom who is chasing after aggressive and energetic boys, or arguing with a strong-willed daughter, or a Mom who has a new baby who won’t stop crying and never sleeps… You are normal. This is normal. We are in this together. We WILL get through it! We will. It gets better.

Take a deep breath. It will all be okay. It will. We will.

I love my kids. Do I always like my kids? Sometimes, no. But I do want to be the best Mother I can be and love these little gremlins even when I feel they are not worthy of being loved for the moment.

Are you with me?

We are Mom’s! We have the greatest most important job in the world. It is not always easy. We are never going to be perfect. BUT, it is SO worth it.

We can’t do it alone so go call someone. Pray. Go on a date. Drop that kid off at Grandma’s!  Take a nap. Put on a darn movie (Do it I won’t think any less of you).


And that, is my trying to encourage the weary Mom. Do you feel encouraged? <wink>



“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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Getting to the Heart of Parenting- REVISED

This week while Lucy has been in Vacation Bible School, I have been attending a parenting seminar. How did that happen? It’s a funny story.

As I drive up to the Church where Lucy will be attending VBS this week, I see a sign that reads “Parenting Seminar Today- 10-11”. I thought “How nice” and continued down the driveway. As I pulled in I saw a familiar face and this person says to me “Hey! You here for the free babysitting too?!” I giggled. I guess in a sense I was. Three hours without Lucy. Do you have any idea how clean my house will be this week?!

I have never been to this church before so I was just taking it all in. Trying to figure out where I was going and where to drop off my little girl who isn’t so little anymore.

“Would you like Mommy to stay here with you to make sure you are okay?”

“No, I will just sit next to Mia.”

“Well, Okay, I will just sit in the back in case you need me.”

She didn’t need me. Humph.

As I walked towards the back of the Church,  two elder ladies approached me:

“Will you be leaving your little one today?”

“Well, no. I’m just waiting to see how my daughter does and if she is alright then I will just come back later.”

“Are you sure? We have a Cribbery!”

“Oh, yes, but thank you so much for offering.”

They started to dismiss the children and Lucy never even looked back. I guess she will be fine. I guess I will just go home. This will be good for me… I mean her.

On my way out the door a man stopped me and asked: “Hey! Would you be interested in staying for the Parenting Seminar we are having today?”

I stopped. I thought about it.

Left Shoulder: What did you just say? You can?! What? We have plans. We are going to go clean our house. We are going to put the baby to bed and have two extra glorious hours to ourself! What do you mean, yes, you will stay?!

Right Shoulder: Well, you really don’t have anything better to do. So what, you are going to clean your house? Really? You do that everyday. What do you need free time for? Isn’t a free parenting seminar a great opportunity for you to grow as a parent and better serve your children? Free childcare. God. This will be good for you.  

 And I responded. “Uh, Well, I guess I can.”

So, I walk downstairs and hand off my little man to the little old ladies in the Cribbery.

When I came back upstairs I overheard the gentleman who had asked me to stay say to another woman: “Well, we have one young lady who is willing to stay.”

What?! Oh Lord. Ha-Ha.

“Oh, Well, if it is just me, please do not feel obligated. I can go. It is not a big deal!”

“Nonsense! Stay! Maybe some other people will trickle in!”

Left Shoulder: Yes! A Way Out!

Right Shoulder: Well, cool, one on one parent counseling! Lord knows I need it! This kind of thing is importand, Janet.

And that is how it happened.

(Did I mention the Seminar is everyday? Oh, no? lol ) 

When I was pregnant with Lucy I took a parenting class. It was and has been so helpful in training up my children. This seminar happens to be led by the same person who did the last one I took and boy, has it been amazing. So timely. Thank you Lord for ordaining this opportunity! I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten and how many holes there are in my parenting style.

You do not have to be a genius to realize that the children in todays culture are well, a bit out of control. I know mine sure aren’t perfect. Who’s to blame? You mean I am not a perfect parent? Rats.

Do you not agree with me that it is SO important to be the best parent we can be for our children?!

I urge all of you to consider taking a step towards bettering yourself as a parent. There are lots of good recourses out there but I HIGHLY recommend this Seminar if you don’t have any other ideas. It does not matter how old your children are, there is wisdom here for every single season of life. You also do not have to be a Christian to appreciate the very practical steps and advice to get your parenting back in order.

Yikes. I have work to do.

Here is a link if you would like to purchase the CD or DVD. You can always listen to it in your car, Lord knows we drive enough!


Below is an interview with Paul Tripp, the Pastor who teaches the Seminar. I think it is a good overview if you are interested.

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