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My French Opportunity

When I was in first grade I went to a Private School where they taught us French. From that moment on, I always fantasized about a trip to Paris or being able to speak French fluently (I was always pretending that I could but all I could really say was “bonjour, call me Jeanette”).

After first grade my parents switched me to public school where you can’t start foreign languages until seventh grade. You can imagine my excitement that first year of French class. I have always had to work very hard in school because learning didn’t come easy to me but I was passionate about the language and I tried to work hard at it.

I continued taking French until 10th grade. At that point I did not like school and tried not to take any challenging classes if I didn’t have to so I gave up language classes once I met all of my requirements, but I wish I had stuck with it. I was not fluent but I could speak French well enough. That year there came an opportunity to travel to the French speaking part of Canada but my parents didn’t have enough money at the time to send me so I couldn’t go.

Oh well, one day I will make it to old Paris where I can eat croissants and drink boissons.

Fast forward.

I still speak French to my children, but by now I can only remember a couple phrases and words. Sometimes I can understand the context of French songs when I listen to Chalres Trenet on Pandora (which makes me excited) but other than that, I have forgotten most of what I have learned in school.

I still have a dream to travel to France one day. The idea is so romantic and dreamy. I know it will most likely be in many years once our children are grown, so I have some time to study up and re-acclimate myself with the language.

I tell Ryan (when I am whining about my desire to go to France) that “ALL I want to do is go to France, eat at a French café and speak French to a French person!”

Well, we may not have been in France, but I had my opportunity and I BLEW it!!!!!

When we were in New York City a group of French speaking citizens were walking in front of me  and I accidentally bumped into them (probably because I was eves-dropping trying to figure out if they were in fact speaking French. I am weird like that.).

Without thinking, I said:  “Excusez- Moi!”

The woman immediately turned around and surprisingly asked me (in French) if I could speak French.

I said: “un petite” (which means, a little).

Then she begins to speak French at me really fast and I was so excited and trying to listen and literally the ONLY thing I could think to say in response was:  “Pourrais je aller aux toilette s’il vous plait?” (which means, May I go to the bathroom please?)

Oh no. You can’t say that Janet. Don’t say it. Don’t say it.

So, I didn’t.

I responded to this women in English telling her that I am only visiting NYC and my dream is to speak French to a French person but my French is not very good.

She smiled at me politely, and walked away with her group.

<NOOO! You ruined it Janet!!!!>

I’m sure you can imagine that I awkwardly yelled “Au Revoir” as the lady walked away. And then I put my face in my hands. And then I complained to Ryan that I had the opportunity to live out my dream and I ruined it because the only thing I could think about was the toilet.

Ugh. Idiot! <in my very good French accent>





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if i died tomorrow…

 If I died tomorrow I would have a very long list of “things I want to do before I die”.

I  have a completely irrational fear of death. I guess it isn’t really irrational because it really could happen at any second, but I actually think I am going to die at any second. Is that weird? I have a huge fear of death. I know I should not be afraid because Heaven is a FAR GREATER place then earth, but obviously, I fear and am deeply saddened by the things I will miss out on if I die. Mostly milestones and events related to Lucy. I can’t imagine not being here for them. I know that if I am dead I will not know the difference, but I allow that thought to make me anxious far too often.

And a word to anyone that might like to take my place as Ryan’s wife after I die, I already promised him that I would haunt him and whoever he takes as his wife. Just so you know…

Now as many of you do probably have some mental note of things you would like to do or accomplish before your death… I have a nice list. And, for someone who is probably going to die soon (from natural causes I hope), I have not checked very many things off that list.

So, Lord, if you would like to keep me around a little longer so that I can accomplish at least half of these items, that would be great!

  •  Go to Paris. I would be nice if I didn’t have to fly. I don’t like flying.
  • Own my own restaurant or create the menu for an existing restaurant.
  • See Lucy and any other children we have get married.
  • Go to New York and be on the Today Show.
  • See my sister graduate college, be successful and live on her own.
  • Own a home on at least three acres of land with a big country porch, a mud room from a Pottery Barn catalog & a Theater Style basement.
  • Teach High School History.
  • Kiss Ryan Price before graduating High School.
  • Get married.
  • Have four children.
  • Be an outcast on American Idol.
  • Buy an outfit from White House Black Market and have somewhere to wear it.
  • Learn how to sew.
  • Go to Disney World.
  • Do a standing back tuck without a spotter.  (I almost accomplished this at one time… I think that ship has sailed.)
  •  Help my Mom start a Bakery.
  • Take Ryan to Vegas and Sponsor him in a poker tournament.
  • Dye my hair and then be able to dye it back to my natural color.
  • Plan someones wedding.
  • Help one person every single day.


On a side note. Though I do have a serious fear and concern that I am going to die before I “live”, I have already been blessed in my life. If I do not wake up tomorrow, I know that everyone I know and love will be taken care of. It does no good to worry about tomorrow. Live today as if it is your last.

Naturally I hope that I am missed but I hope that people would see my life as an example of God’s love and kindness. I hope that my life; my past, my present, my struggles and my blessings would be used to help others.

And, pease make sure Ryan doesn’t dress Lucy like a dweeb!




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